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  • Our Story

    We believe Let personal care be gender-neutral, above all else” In the past, fragrances served as unifying essences and were first created as essential oils. But as time went on, these scents were separated into groups for men and women. At Karacious, we hope to bridge these barriers by providing a UNISEX line of body scrubs, body wash, and eau de parfum. Establishing a world free of gender prejudice. #bekaracious: Have the courage to be you.
  • Our Journey

    After traveling the globe and studying the complex fabric of the fragrance sector, we assembled our R&D team to work on new product development. Our production center in India produces each bottle with precision and care using fragrant oils that are sourced from France. Our perfume notes are a riot of thoughtfully chosen components that swing between scents with ease and appeal to different sensibilities. It's more than simply a scent; it's an audacious, youthful, boundary-pushing sensory adventure.
  • Our Brand

    "Karacious" is not just a brand, it's a celebration of individuality and of BEING COURAGEOUS. Our products evoke emotions, memories, and a deeper connect within self. We believe your identity is your power, so unleash it and craft your own story – Be Karacious #bekaracious
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